Jaunumi no EFAT

European Federation of art therapy

Kolēģi, lieliski jaunumi no Eiropas Mākslas terapijas federācijas (European Federation of Art Therapy (EFAT)), kuras viens no dibinātājbiedriem ir LMTA!

Dear friends and sponsors of EFAT, Dear European art therapists , Dear NEAT*) members and friends

On behalf of the  EFAT interim Board, I am happy to share with you the latest news about our European Federation of Art Therapy. 

  • EFAT is officially registered – the procedure is 100% completed. The statutes have been published on the Belgian Gazette (in Dutch). More to read on our website:  http://www. arttherapyfederation.eu/news
  • Structuring EFAT organization
    • Roles & responsibilities of Board Members – one of the very first actions of the Board has been to agree on the roles & responsibilities of each Board Member. 
    • EFAT Committees and Council – in order to help the Board reach the social objectives we set ourselves for EFAT, 6 Committees and a Council were created. The chairs of each Committee has been officially appointed. Congratulations to Elza Strazdina / Latvia (Communication), Celine Schweizer / Netherlands (Research), Thijs De Moor / Netherlands (Conference 2020), Jane Hawes / Sweden (Application Review), Liz Stone Matho / France (Ethics) and Paola Partsalaki / Greece (Professional Exchange) !  The Council is composed of the committee’s chairs and the General-Secretary (Natacha Pirotte / Belgium): it aims to facilitate the communication between the committees and with the Board, and review progress against objectives. The first Council meeting is to take place very soon.
  • Communication
    • Our website has been further developed (please have a look on http://www. arttherapyfederation.eu/). Special thanks to Tanaïs Verbist / Belgium for this! The Communication Committee will provide further page content. 
    • The Board decided to launch a contest to find a new logo for the Federation and also placed a call for candidates to be part of the jury who will assist in making the final choice. 
    • We have started to communicate on social media and interest for our association is growing !
  • Conference 2019 / Constitutive General Assembly
    • The dates for our first EFAT conference are confirmed : MAY 10-12, 2019. Please save them in your diary. We will meet in Vienna !
    • There will be a Professional Exchange Day, the Constitutive General Assembly with the election of the Board, and a special moment for NEAT members.
    • The themes proposed by the Professional Exchange Committee are currently under review.
  • Conference 2020
    • The Board decided to issue a “Call for Tenders” to host EFAT’s 2020 conference. Countries and cities that are interested may apply.
  • Brussels NEAT meeting
    • The meeting report is ready (Thank you Maria d'Elia / Luxembourg, Vibeke Skov / Denmark & Paola Partsalaki / Greece!). The Communication Committee will create a public version which will be uploaded to the website.

Our intention is to keep you posted on EFAT progress every 3 months.  If you have any questions or suggestions in the meantime, please let us know !


Kind regards,


Natacha Pirotte (Belgium)

Secretary-General of EFAT's temporary Board

*) NEAT = The Network of European Art Therapists which has initiated the creation of EFAT

Attēls: pixabay.com un https://www.arttherapyfederation.eu/