The Use of Metaverses for Art Therapy (ATCELTS)

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Workshop on "The Use of Metaverses for Art Therapy"

Date: 08/12/2023  15:00 (3 PM EET)

Location: Rīga Stradiņš University, Asara street 5, LV-1009, Room 185

Duration: 90 min

Workshop facilitator and lecturer: Vadym Riznyk (Ukraine), Founder of Art Therapy in the virtual space of a metaverses, Founder & Game designer of "InceptionFun metaverse development studio"

Workshop Overview: Come, join us for an immersive exploration into the realm of Metaverses and their potential use in the field of Art Therapy. 

Whether you're an experienced art therapist or a newcomer, this workshop will provide you with insights and base skills necessary to utilize the power of Metaverses in the context of Art Therapy.

Plan of the event:

Overview lecture:

  • Delve into the concept of Metaverses.
  • Art and technology.
  • Overview of the popular specialized stand-alone platforms for Therapy.
  • The potential of the sum of technologies for Art Therapy.
  • Learn about the diversity of the platforms (Consumer Metaverse).
  • Technological possibilities for creating therapeutic spaces based on some popular Metaverse platforms. UGC. 3D internet. Multiplayer.


  • Learn how to make virtual spaces.
  • Step-by-step setup of a virtual space.
  • Q&A Session and Final Thoughts